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Dear C2X-SDK Users and V2X Scientists,

As of January 2017, NEC is no longer offering its C2X-SDK protocol stack to the research community. After more than 15 years of research, standardization, prototyping and trialing of V2X (DSRC or ITS-G5) technology, we now consider it completely outside of the research phase. The V2X activities have been taken over by the product divisions of NEC Corporation which are focusing on commercial opportunities. We at NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE) have therefore accomplished our mission.

We believe that NEC's C2X-SDK, the first SDK for V2X systems to hit the market in 2008 and to be offered to the research community for multiple platforms, has greatly contributed to advancing open research on cooperative systems and the establishment of European standards (our publications). Our efforts in the Car2Car Communication Consortium and ETSI TC ITS have also led to the completion of the GeoNetworking and related standards, including IPv6 over GeoNetworking, Basic Transport Protocol, Decentralized Congestion Control and ITS-G5 itself. Our success in promoting pre-commercial V2X experimental platforms LinkBird-MX and C2X-SDK was recognized by the 2012 Frost & Sullivan European Vehicular Communications New Product Innovation Award (press release accessible on NEC Europe Ltd. webpage).

We would like to thank all NEC LinkBird-MX and C2X-SDK users for adopting our platform and for providing their valuable feedback from on-field tests and pilot projects. We hope to see V2X systems on the European market very soon and we will continue our presence and contribution to the European ITS research and development especially focusing on transportation data analytics and real-time optimization.


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Last modified 07-June-2018